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Word on the Street


Great show, something unexpected but so cool, really interesting songs with a compelling vibe. Love it!

sookis lounge

James performance utilised a blend  of new  smooth sounds all resulting in a great set . his knowledge of his equipment and intuitive way of using it  created a great experience for the audience. 

craftsman bar brunswick

Gee. That's unpredictable. Never expected that before. It's fascinating listening to songs and people enjoyed listening to it.

belgrave hotel singers and songwriting

James played a awesome set of songs.

Playback  community

Guitar Detective 

Black Midi level of concern for the comfort of the audience. 


I don't understand this! So that means it's interesting. Challenging my boxed in ears. Unique! As Kath n Kim would say. Is it poetry? Sound art? Punk rock? A bit of all of the above? Keep at it. Express yourself. Have fun! I love it. 


The most original and unique track I heard tonight, nice work. Reminds me of an AI trying to replicate captain Beefheart, or something. 

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